AYVA Friday Night Flights - Vol. 3

AYVA Friday Night Flights - Vol. 3

February 24, 2023 February 25, 2023

TK903 - Istanbul (LTFM) to Panama City (MPTO)
Join us on this interesting Turkish Airlines route flying over 3 different continents!
B789 TK

• Istanbul (LTFM) Concourse A
• Panama City (MPTO) TBA
• Flight Time: 13:30

Flightplan from @Tunal AYVA004 HRM
Try to maintain 10nm safe distance between aircrafts.
Ascent: 245kts until FL100, 280kts until
FL220, 315kts until FL350
Cruise alt: FL360, climb at discretion when lighter
Descent: at FL220 reduce to 280kts, FL120 240kts, FL700 200kts, after this you take control.
Dep rwy: TBA
Fuel: 15:30 hours min.
Pax: at your discretion
Cargo: at your discretion

Infinite flight

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